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HD-60: This home entertainment system delivers vivid surround sound that brings movies and music to life. And now, it’s designed to let you enjoy the experience more easily than ever before. Engineered with exclusive Acoustimax technology, this system uses easy-to-follow onscreen messages to guide you through the setup process. HD-60 MSRP: $4,999
HD-70: Enjoy powerful sound that puts you right in the middle of your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games. This systems come with speakers and a subwoofer plus the amplification to drive them. Adjust the surround sound settings to your specific room and furnishings. HD-70 MSRP: $4,999
HD-90: Our highest level of stereo performance, exclusively designed to expand your system with hearth throbbing sound. The receiver’s HDMI inputs let you hook up your Blu-ray player and two other high-def sources, like a satellite TV receiver and a game console, and switch easily among them. HD-90 MSRP: $4,699

People all over America are raving about the performance that Acoustimax has to offer, See what our toughest critics are saying:

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! I am extremely surprised at the value and quality I get with my acoustimax surround sound system. Out the box my system was thumping. Great value!

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